WI Meeting 6th December 2021
Apologies :Alison Buffery, Marilyn Sambrook, Lorraine Morgan , Rhiannon Heaven ,Jan Price, Sharon James ,Liz Jeffries, Chris Hyatt
Marjory Houghton sends her best wishes to us all.
Minutes of last meeting signed as accurate by Rachael Browne and Trissy Williams
Matters Arising
Last week Ponthir Hall had  an inspection from  Torfaen CBC ;they passed with full  marks  over Risk Assessment for the Hospitality Venue
Tonight if members wish  to sing along with the Recorder  Ensemble ( Christmas Carols) then we are required to uses masks and sing quietly to avoid breathing  too much over others .
Interest Groups
1 Margaret Barrell reported that the Book Club was meeting on 16th December at the Cricket Club at 10.30 am.
It was pointed out that this was also the last time that the venue would be open for tea coffee cake until after Christmas.
2Mary Murray Reported that the Book Club  would met  this Friday 10th December at  Mary Evans’ house.
3Judith Owen  reported that the Book Club would meet on 15th December  at 7 PM probably on Zoom.
Craft Club Helena Thomas reported that the Craft Club would meet  the third Monday of every month in the Chapel  from 7-9pm 
Wreath making had taken place today with cake decoration in January
Vicky let us know that we will be holding a Zoom meeting on January 4th to discuss  the short listed resolutions which we will vote on and  which will then be adopted as the focus at National Level. The meeting will take place at 7 pm. Liz will contact us all after Christmas to give all details
We will briefly discuss the resolutions  which are featured in  Decembers ‘WI Life’and we can vote then or fill in the form in the magazine and  bring to February’s meeting.
Christmas Jumper Competition was won by Shirley Morgan
Helena and Vicky thanked Jane for the get well cards (which are lovingly made by the Craft Group.) So nice to get a personalised card at such times. Helena kindly sent us a card to say ‘thank you’
Further Helena thanked the committee for organising the Christmas Party.
Vicky thanked the Recorder Ensemble for their contribution to the evening’s entertainment  especially Carole Beagan who is the musical director of the ensemble. She has trained the group despite all the barriers that COVID has thrown at her. She was warmly thanked 
Gill Wheeler thanked everyone for their donations to the Food Bank.
Jane Hodge suggested the inception of a new Club which  studies and discusses poetry . If successful it might extend to prose ( Shakespeare ,Chaucer  other great  contributors ) Jane Hodge will send out more detail to members in new year.