Meeting of Ponthir WI 2nd May 2022 at Ponthir Chapel

Fiona Alderman, Diane Hall, Pauline Hindle,  Judith Owen , Amy Allan ,Enid Munsen , Liz Jeffries,  Denise Wolf ,Ann Malyn , Rhiannon Heaven  ,Lorraine Morgan

The minutes could not be authenticated as  the Curling game has been omitted from the minutes. Jane apologised and the minutes have now been amended. They will hopefully be authenticated at next meeting.

1) List for new members of Committee is now closed .

2) Anyone wanting to give to Gift Aid to ask Viv Walker for a form . We get 25% from tax paying members who subscribe to this scheme.


Reading Between the Wines  has read Tess of the  D’Urbervilles. Margaret pointed out that this Classic , though difficult , was worthwhile. Group will be contacted about next  book and meeting by Margaret

The afternoon book club will meet at Mary Murray’s house on Friday. The book is ‘The Vanishing Half’
The evening group to meet at Sue’s house  next Wednesday evening

Craft Group. Helena pointed out that she is no longer group leader/organiser and the group is hoping to get a new leader soon Craft club is well attended , Helena pointed out . She also thanked Diane Hall for the cake decoration event and for making so many cards

The Literature Club will meet at Jane’s house on 18th May at 2 pm to look at Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

4)Celebration at St Mary’s Church Abergavenny . Helena Sue and Jean will attend and carry the banner. Vicky praised the efforts of   Carole Jones and  Pauline Hindle  for the beautiful embroidery and Liz Cooke’s husband for bringing the project to fruition . It is beautiful

GFWI will need to know numbers  as there is afternoon tea priced at £7.50.

5)At the 62 year Celebration  recorders will play tunes from the musicals , there will be  a cake  ( made  by Diane) and ‘bubbly’ to drink. No need to bring glasses . Dress up and wear hats or fascinators.

At ACM  Helena was allowed to vote  as Jean was not able to . She voted on Standing Orders and the Treasurer’s Report as well as the resolutions
Helena reported back that in 2020 the lease at Avondale House was renewed for 5 years  but cost increased by £10,000. This has subsequently been reduced to £2,500. The reserves currently stand at £81,000. Margaret asked if premises were absolutely necessary in the light of rental costs .

The speakers which we might like to invite to our meetings spoke very well on  Stem Cell Donation,  and  Wild Woman if the Wye, – local water pollution.

Jean’s talk on Climate Change was well received.

FGM was another harrowing topic.

Ann Beavis reported back that Marjorie Houghton  remains ill and being cared for by family and carers.

 Jane has sent   a card from Ponthir WI. We wish her well.
Ann Leake has broken a bone but is very keen to return as soon as she is able.
Margaret Barrell wished the results of the curling competition to be acknowledged in the minutes. With that exception the minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting.

Meeting closed at 7.55 pm

Ponthir WI Meeting April 4th 2022

Apologies: Alison Buffery, Catherine Davies, Victoria Sims, Gill Archibald ,Rhiannon Heaven , Mary Murray, Margaret Hewinson, Lynda Jeffries, Denise Wolf, Judith Owens,  Pauline Hindle, Liz Jeffries

Minutes of previous meeting authenticated  by Sue Lewis and Gill Wheeler

Matters Arising: reminder that free Fish and Chips supper will be served at  the AGM at the Chapel  on May 2nd . Meeting starts a t 7.15

List  circulated  for  orders for the supper, tea rota and   for names for anyone wanting to join the committee.

Subscriptions are being collected this evening by Trissy our Treasurer. Also in May and June. Cheques to Ponthir WI

Gift Aid forms are being  circulated by  Viv Walker.  If you are a taxpayer it is important to sign  for revenue stream

Clubs : Craft Club  not meeting next Monday
Book Clubs:Reading Between the Wines , meeting on 28th April  in Ponthir House at 7pmand book is Tess of the D’Urbervilles
Evening Book Club meeting at Jane Ellor’s House a week Wednesday at 7pm.
Afternoon Book Club  members will be informed in due course

Sick Members: Cards sent to Rhiannon Heaven, Liz Jeffries , Denise Wolf and Linda Jeffries

The Resolution to be voted on in the National Conference is about the diagnosis of women and girls with ASD and ADHD . (See page in April Life magazine. )Jean is our representative via zoom . We voted to allow her  to use her discretion  as to how to vote after the debates from the floor

Winner of Easter Competition  was Fiona



Anita is organising a 3.3 mile walk on 29th ACWW Day ( see Magazine for more details)

Fiona Alderman  asked if anyone or organisation wanted items of furniture . The Methodist Church in Llanyravon was suggested .

Shirley Morgan announced a Ladies Afternoon Tea at Ponthir House on Friday June 3rd All welcome

The meeting having closed, members enjoyed a great New Age Curling competition which was won by Liz Cooke