Ponthir Women’s Institute  –  Minutes of the Meeting Held 6th September 2021

1 Welcome – Vicky extended a warm welcome to all especially to our visitors who, we hope, will become new members of the institute.  This being our first post-lockdown face- to- face meeting, she asked us to observe a minute’s silence as we remember our friends who had passed on during this long separation:

Jean Tamplin, Nita Thomas, Joan Dixon, Doreen Mountjoy, Margaret Thomas, Gwen Andrews, Margaret Spittle, Nancy Davies, Mary Laxton, Hanne Menty, Betty Guilfoyle and Ann Gale. RIP

2 Jerusalem – The poor piano, out of tune and unused during these covid times,  did its best and Jan Price is to be congratulated on her skill which coaxed a recognisable rendition of our anthem – well done Jan!!
3 Apologies for absence: Nesta Hardwidge, Jane Hodge, Alison Calderwood, Gill Archibald.
4 Vicky described some of the activities the Institute had enjoyed via Zoom  –   monthly meetings, some with speakers,  as well as extras such as quizzes and social nights.  

She echoed the members’ feelings when she thanked Liz Cooke for the tremendous job she had done by keeping us in touch this way.  She then went on to introduce the committee which had been established following our Zoom AGM.  The Committee:

President – Vicky Evans​​​Secretary – Jane Hodge​​Treasurer – Trissy Williams

Vice President  –  Sue Lewis​​Liz Cooke – Media Secretary        Alison  –  Shadow Treasurer

Shirley  –  Raffle Organiser​​Aileen  –  Beverages Organiser     Gill  –  Attendance Secretary

Viv  –  Gift Aid​​​​Sharon and Denise  –  Trading Stall

5 Orders were invited for diaries and calendars.
6 Trissy reported on membership numbers – currently 44.
7 A show of hands indicated that receiving an electronic newsletter was acceptable and a few paper printouts would be available at each meeting:  members who wish to, can print and pass on copies to non emailers.
8 Vicky thanked all who contributed cakes, time or both to the refreshment counter at the village fete.   £100 had been raised towards funds.  Best selling were small cakes, bakestones etc. suitable for families buying for children.  This will be helpful to remember for the future  –  although recipients of generous slices of the beautiful large cakes were very appreciative!
9 At Harvest, 4th October, Mr. Phillip Alderman – complete with regalia – will describe his role as High Sheriff of Gwent.
10 Food for Harvest will not be organised as a buffet.  Members are asked to bring their own food, drinks and glasses with crockery, cutlery etc.  If we wish, we can then pool contributions just with those on the same table.  No hot drinks will be available.
11 Interest groups:  All three reading groups will be meeting within the next few weeks.  Both the Evening Group i.e. Margaret Jones, Alison Buffery etc.  and the afternoon group i.e. Mary Murray, Sue Lewis etc. have space to welcome one or two new members.  They have met throughout with a combination of Zoom, and, as permitted, garden/ open-doored garage meetings.  To make contact with either group, phone Sue on 01633 420676.

The craft group under the leadership of Margaret Spittle, until her illness and then Carol Jones, had been very active prior to the lockdowns.  A new leader is sought.  A show of hands indicated a wish for the group to continue.   After a prolonged silence, Helena stepped up and agreed to take it on temporarily rather than let it failfor lack of an organiser.  She is good at coaxing, so it is to be hoped one of our shrinking violets will be at the helm before too long.  Helena will book the chapel for the craft classes.

12 AOB  Gill and Jane are still involved with food banks and would welcome contributions each  month.  As well as food items, thereis a particular need for toiletries (male and female) as well as female hygiene items – tampons,  pads, panty liners etc.
13 The meeting ended at 8.15 whereupon a lovely, reconnecting social evening was enjoyed by all.