A.G.M. 2022 Minutes

 AGM MINUTES MAY 2nd 2022 

Minutes of AGM at Baptist Church Ponthir 2nd May 2022

Fiona Alderman, Diane Hall, Pauline Hindle , Judith Owen , Amy Allan,  Enid Munsen , Liz Jeffries,  Denise Wolf ,Ann Malyn , Rhiannon Heaven ,Lorraine Morgan

Having dealt with the general meeting the AGM began and has been recorded separately

Last AGM meeting was on Zoom during the pandemic ,minutes were authenticated by Margaret Barrell 

1)Review of the Bye Law; ’No Officer shall remain in office for more than 3 years . As long an officer leaves the Committee  for 1 year  they can return  to Committee if elected  to an Officer Post  and can remain for another 3 years ’

This was suspended during Covid  at the 2021 AGM .
We voted on whether to retain the  present position  – That of suspending the Bye Law and this was unanimously  agreed by show of hands

2)The Financial Report was sent via e mail to members . Trissy added that we are in a fairly good financial position as during the pandemic  we paid no rent on all . Face to face meetings  and rent started  again in September.

Was agreed to  appoint a Financial Examiner from Gwent Federation . Agreed by Helena Thomas and a show of hands

Further we received £ 200 from Community Council and moneys came in from raffles  and Trading Stalls.

Having approx £4000 in accounts it was decided by committee to reduce subs by to £40 for the benefit of all members

Trissy has done a very good job as Treasurer and her accounts were duly noted as exemplary by the auditor. Vicky thanked her for this.

3)President’s Report by Vicky Evans

Vicky praised Liz Cooke for enabling us to have 25 Zoom meetings during the lockdown .
She recalled the  Picnic in 2021 and how lovely it had been to meet up  also the Fete at the PSSE in August  where we provided cake and teas . We had our first formal meeting  in the Hall in September but no teas or coffees due to restrictions. It was great to be back in the hall for the  Harvest Supper and Christmas Party. Vicky also recalled the Zoom Resolutions meeting in January.

As retiring president she  praised the Committee for all its hard work , in particular Liz Cooke for her IT expertise . She also thanked Trissy and Jane. Trissy for her stellar work and Jane for stepping up when Margaret Spittle became ill and was unable to carry on as Secretary. She was pleased that we would be celebrating our 62 years Anniversary next month.

Liz Cooke presented Vicky Evans with a ’Jam and Jerusalem’ tea rose and gift vouchers as a thank you for her hard work as President for 4 years.

4)Election of New President

Voting slips and pens had been provided for all members
Committee stood  and faced the members , stating their names  and jobs on Committee

Secret Ballot took place. Votes were counted.  Every nominated committee member was asked if they wanted to become President . All replied in the negative except Sue  Lewis who agreed to be President

Therefore Sue Lewis was duly elected as our new President. Well done Sue

AOB ; none

Meeting closed at 8.15 pm  and Fish and Chip supper was served