A.G.M. 2019 Minutes

Ponthir W.I.    Monday May 6th 2019


Maureen Lambert,  Marjorie Houghton, Hannah Menty, Ann Leake,  Alison Buffery,  Jane Ellor,  Sharon James, Ann Workman, Jessica Tan, Judith Owen, Monny Malyn

Minutes of Last Meeting  agreed and signed. No matters arising.

Correspondence Gwent Federation Annual Review Report

Treasurer’s Report Presented by Trissy – proposed and accepted unanimously

Secretary’s Report Presented by Margaret Barrell

Three Year Bye Law Clarified by Vicky – approved by membership.

Resolutions Presented by Vicky ( Don’t Fear the Smear) and Liz (Decline in Local Bus Services) – unanimous vote to approve both. This result to be passed on to Link Delegate  with proviso that she should use her discretion if necessary.

Vote of thanks – given by Vicky to both Alison Calderwood and Margaret Barrell- both stepping down from present Committee

New Committee Confirmed and voted in en bloc. New members – Margaret Spittle, Aileen Ridley and Sue Lewis

Rose Bowl Presented to Helena Thomas

Meeting closed at 20.45